Orientation Resource Guides

Multi-Page Publication

Orientation Services introduces approximately 7,500 students to the campus of Cal Poly Pomona each year. Cover art were developed for an annual resource guides to encapsulate the core values and vision of the University, while inspiriting incoming students and their families to the culture of the campus.

Cover Art

Cal Poly Pomona cultivates success through a diverse culture of experiential learning, discovery, and innovation. A mural was developed to communicate the mission, vision, colleges, and culture of Cal Poly Pomona to incoming students.

The design of the mural spans throughout the two resource guides symbolizing the combined efforts and support of the students and families journey at the university.

A modular grid was utilized for consistency and clarity throughout. Small infographics and call-outs made the most pertinent information easiest to see at first glance. Small icons matched their respective section colors and matched the open, clean aesthetic of the publication. Pages with information that would be highly referenced received a full-bleed color page to stand out.

Tote Bags and badges were developed to create a cohesive system.

Role Art Direction, Concept, Lead Design
Team Nicole Goss - Designer